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It’s all about relationships. We recognize that great relationships need to be built, and we foster these connections by delivering on our promise of sourcing the best talent in the industry.

Very often these exceptional candidates can’t be found on job sites. Instead, the best people are typically the hardest to find. So how do we do it? We start by spending time with our clients and candidates and being good listeners, ensuring a clear understanding of what both sides are looking for. Our candidates are often referred to us by colleagues we know and trust, so even before they begin our rigorous testing process we already have a connection and a sense of their strengths.

For you, our clients, we aim to be your expert in staffing and recruiting. We know that every client culture is unique, and our clients are hiring people, not resumes. Therefore, we ask important questions to further understand your business dynamic — with utmost discretion and confidentiality — enabling us to recommend the perfect candidates and serve as your partner throughout the process.

How We Work

We follow a thorough, strategic process that starts with understanding your needs:


We help your educational organizations succeed by first understanding their goals. Our in-depth meeting about your business, the role, and your culture ensure that we know exactly who you need.

Rigorous Screening

You only see top candidates that have been phone-screened, interviewed in person, software tested, had references checked and are truly interested in your specific opportunity.

Team Search

Our entire team gathers and forms a search strategy for your need. A team of recruiters working for you means fast results.


After you hire our talent, we check in regularly with both you and the talent to ensure that the work is going well.

Expectation You Deserve

We’re proud of the hands-on experience our recruiters have within the education sector. We understand that different schools favor and implement different educational ideologies, so we try to connect you with candidates who share your philosophy. Whether your function in a structured academic-based setting or one with less rigid guidelines, we will supply you with candidates who fit your job requirements and organizational culture.

Thanks to our extensive roster of professionals and tenure as the leading provider of supplemental education staff, we can provide fully screened professionals with the precise subject matter expertise you need, on a moment’s notice.

Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Recruiter

  • What differentiates them from the other recruiters in the industry?
  • What is their Retention Ratio? (the number of placements that are still in the job 1 and 2 years later)
  • What is the recruiter’s average time to fill? (on average, how much time does it take them to fill this type of position)
  • How does the recruiter source and screen their candidates? (LinkedIn, direct recruiting, in-person, phone, etc.)
  • How many orders is the recruiter currently working on and what is their capacity to add more?
  • What is the recruiter’s “fill ratio” over the past 6-12 months? (the percentage of positions they have filled compared to the number they have worked on – the industry average is approximately 30%)
  • How many positions have been filled by the recruiter with the same criteria as your open position?
  • On average, how many candidates do they present before a placement is made?
  • What is the average salary for this type of position?
  • What client references can the recruiter provide?

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