Our Network. Your Talent. Let Us Help You Find your Job.

First, we get to know you and YOUR TALENT. In fact, we believe our dedication to building a relationship with you is what sets us apart. To begin, we spend a great deal of time with you to fully understand what you’re looking for in your next position, what makes you happy, and what you do best. Combine this with our unparalleled access to open jobs at some of the world’s best organizations, and you’ve found the right partner to help you reach your career goals.


Submit Resume

Resume Advice

Oftentimes this essential document is what’s in the way of a candidate being hired. Tweaking a resume to better represent experience and showcase talents can make all the difference.

Access To Job Openings

In many instances, our schools contact us prior to publicly posting a position. Once we learn of a position we feel would be a good fit for a candidate, we contact that individual and provide details about the school and position to see if the job is of interest.

Career Counseling

In our conversations with candidates, we do as much listening as talking. We serve as advisors and counselors every step of the way to ensure that our candidates have a successful job search.

Interview Prep

Because we know our schools, we know what our candidates should expect once they are brought in to interview. From wardrobe advice, to demo lesson preparation, to counsel re protocol, this expertise can be invaluable in securing an offer.

Help With The Decision-making Process Once There Is An Offer of A Position

Our many years of experience with independent school placement allows us to help our candidates navigate this important part of the process. Our knowledge of our schools enables us to offer insight and advice as to the best route to take.

Personal Advocate

Once a candidate has been referred to a school, we’re available to our administrators to ensure that they have the best possible understanding of the educator being considered. Because we know our candidates, we’re able to address any concerns our administrators might have.

No Fee Charged To Candidates

There is no fee charged to candidates for our services. Our schools compensate us if a teacher or administrator is hired.

Salary Negotiations

When appropriate, we will step in on a candidate’s behalf to advise administrators recompensation.